Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is often classified by age. “Young-onset” type 2 diabetes T2D starts before age 40, while “later-onset” T2D starts after age 40. Young-onset T2D is around 30% more common today compared to 25 years ago. Our research has shown that young-onset T2D causes more heart attacks, strokes, and other serious consequences than later-onset T2D. These problems add to the social stresses that young adults face, leading to a lower quality of life. The causes, effects, and treatments of diabetes are more complex in young adults than in older adults. Our healthcare system does not meet the needs of young adults with T2D.

The Epidemiologic and Applied Research Lab in Young-Onset Diabetes (EARLY Diabetes) is located in the Banting and Best Diabetes Centre at the University of Toronto. Our environment supports a dynamic team of quantitative and qualitative researchers. We are developing better solutions to help people with young-onset T2D live healthier lives.

Room 12 EC304
Banting and Best Diabetes Centre
Toronto General Hospital
200 Elizabeth Street
Toronto ON  M5G 2C4
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